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Clay Park provides virtual reality strategy and executive direction to corporations, institutions, brands and developers. Founded by Shauna Heller, ClayPark’s mission is to mold VR content into meaningful immersive experiences.


After a year and a half as a Developer Relations Specialist at Oculus, Shauna Heller founded Clay Park, the first VR strategy and advisory firm for institutions, corporations and developers. At Oculus, Shauna managed engagement with non-gaming VR developers across aerospace, defense, education, enterprise, publishing, medicine, theme parks and beyond. Her work included spending many hours in VR reviewing content, coaching developers and their clients on best practices for creating VR apps, and how to ship content on the platform. After exiting Oculus Heller assumed Board of Advisor positions with developers doing compelling work in non-gaming VR and AR.  With these teams Heller helped guide platform development and the creation of best-in-class VR and AR applications. In addition, through Clay Park Heller executive directed initiatives focused on introducing virtual reality and 360 video into healthcare, education and enterprise environments. This work includes being the executive director of the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Pediatric VR Training pilot; Oculus and Facebook’s “360 High School Challenge” in partnership with Digital Promise, and on Oculus and Facebook’s VR For Good campaign.

Clay Park also provides executive VR and AR strategy services to multiple Fortune 200 clients while Heller provides thought leadership around virtual and augmented reality at numerous conferences, symposiums and events around the world. 

Before joining Oculus, Heller worked in Hollywood as the director of business development for several boutique creative tech companies focused on movie previsualisation, visual effects and custom interactive exhibitions for theme parks and advertising installations. Her work bridged the gap between technologists, creatives and executives who were producing engaging content. 

Virtual production, augmented and virtual reality, and creating media with 3D video game engines or 360 video are squarely in Heller’s wheelhouse. So too is delivering complex integrated systems and new-to-market immersive platforms. With this professional background, combined with a drive to transform learning, social and connecting experiences, Heller offers an original perspective on the modern virtual reality movement. 

Heller is a tireless champion of and advocate for the use of virtual reality in enterprise, defense, healthcare and education. Clay Park is an extension of Heller’s passion to help developers and virtual reality succeed. 


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Talk the Talk

“Everyone wants to make VR but they don’t know how or why. Shauna schooled us on the complicated process and her enthusiastic, plain spoken guidance and platform knowledge steered us to a solid development track. Clay Park will thrive because of her human approach.”

Adam ReevesCreative Director and Associate Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

“Shauna engaged with several Facebook agency teams to help with VR and platform education. She straddled the engineering, tech and commercial worlds effortlessly, knowing how to tailor her discussions toward individual stake holders.”

Trevor JohnsonGlobal Agency Development for Publicis, Facebook

“Shauna is great. She’s smart, thoughtful and has sharp instincts. She also knows absolutely everyone.”  

Jon SnoddyEntertainment Executive

“Having someone who has helped lay the foundation for the VR revolution that can also see the big picture allows me to focus on developing virtual reality without distraction.  The undeniable experience and unique perspective is invaluable for developers like myself. We are at the dawn of the VR revolution so put on your sunglasses because the future is bright.”

Justin MoravetzVR Developer & Founder, Zero Transform

“We work with brands, agencies, and directors interested in delving into virtual reality. Shauna has a keen understanding of the challenges surrounding developing quality VR content. She’s been an amazing person to have in our corner to help us open the curtain to the possibilities, not the limitations, of virtual reality.” 

Christine CattanoExecutive Producer, VR Studio at Framestore

“VR represents a fundamental shift in how humans will connect with each other, and the machine world. Building the right experiences for VR takes patience, experimentation and an open community. Shauna is a wonderful part of that community, lending her counsel to GE and others as we explore the opportunities before us all.”

Katrina CraigwellDirector, Global Content & Programming, General Electric

“What I appreciate about Shauna is that she shows deference to past VR pioneers while sparking excitement and confidence in the VR of the future. Her knowledge will be an asset to us.”

Bryan StephensonSTEM Innovation Lab, Goddard Space Flight Center NASA


Executive Direction

Executive project management for special VR and AR application and platform development.

Strategy Design

Identification of distinct opportunities in VR and mapping a practical plan to get there.

Advisory Service

Deep guidance for existing VR creators ready to expand capabilities or extend development.


Partnership and relationship development across hardware, software and developer ecosystems.

Advanced Development

Custom VR and AR application development for stealth platform initiatives.

With worldwide reach, Clay Park is co-located in Palo Alto and Los Angeles, CA.

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